Cathy – Office Manager

Cathy is the office manager here at Tender Care and has been in the veterinary field for over 30 years. She does all of our grooming, anesthesia, and teeth cleanings here at the clinic. She lives in Lakeville with her husband, three sons, and numerous pets. Cathy is a current member of the Michiana Veterinary Medical Association. In her spare time, she enjoys fishing, gardening, and cooking (and we all agree she’s pretty good at it).

Christie – Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Christie has been at Tender Care since Dr. Harris established the clinic in 2008. Her favorite part of her job is helping sick or injured pets to make a recovery. She enjoys working with and getting to know patients as well as the clients here at the clinic. She is a member of the Michiana Veterinary Medical Association and is currently attending IUSB. She enjoys music, art, and nature in her spare time. Although Christie loves dogs and cats equally, she has a special spot in her heart for snuggly kitties and chocolate labs (as well as plain old chocolate).

Katy – Receptionist

Katy has been working at Tender Care since 2012. She loves getting to know the clients and the patients here at Tender Care. In her spare time Katy loves to go camping with her horse, Phoenix. She and her dogs, Nanni and Eleanor, will be headed to Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine in the fall of 2018, but she will come back and work when she can. (And hopefully once she graduates as well)


Corncob has lived at Tender Care since 2008 when he was left in a box at the side door as a kitten. You will typically find corncob helping the staff document history in patient’s charts or sitting on his cat tower AKA his throne. Corncob has been diabetic for a few years, but he told us he likes the special food so he’s ok with it.


Norbert was rescued from South Bend Animal Control in 2013 by Dr. Harris. He then lived with Helen Keller until she passed away in 2017. After her passing Norbert came back to Tender Care and is awaiting his next owner patiently. He loves to sit in front of the computer screen and requires attention 24/7.


Blue has lived at Tender Care since 2008 when he decided he no longer wanted to use his litter box at his previous owner’s house. Since then he has become quite an accomplished kitty. He has even started writing his own blog! Blue loves to lay in his bed and watch the staff as they take radiographs of patients. He also loves it when his best friend, Dr. Gruber, stops by and visits him.